Exhibitions - Sandrine Blaisot

School of Fine Arts of Cherbourg
 « Attention! Travaux »
January 2008

University Institute of Technology of Cherbourg 
-  Collective exhibition Art Gravage
October 2008

The City Art Gravage – Martinvast ” Reminiscence ”
July – september 2010

The Church Notre-Dame of Portbail in binomial with Frédérique Lutz-Malbec “Echos”
September 2011

The Chapel of Saint Germain des Vaux  ” Glâbre “
With the Laure Simeon’s literary participation
August – september 2012

The Meetings of the Presbytery, Fermanville
August  september 5th 2013

Biennial event of Pont-Farcy october 2013

Commons of the Castle of Ravalet,  Cherbourg  “Keep silent to keep silent”
July  – august  2014

Millet high school, Cherbourg “Together”
November – december 2014

Gallery the Garage, Cherbourg “Trees in Souls” with the Photograph Gilles Molinier
In May 15th 7 June, 2015

Art Festival and Tear, Rouen
March  2016
Strangely Yours Festival, Montpellier
May 2016

Festival Normandie Impressionnist
Carrefour des Arts, La Chapelle Urée

Residence ” Portraits and other faces of the Bocage”
September 24th till November 6th, 2016

Quesnel-Morinière, Coutances Museum  ” From trees to trees”
Septembre 30th till December 11th, 2016

The 100 ECS Paris XII – “No Drugs & Rock’n Roll”
May 2017

Residence to L’Ecloserie, La Flotte en Ré
May 29th till June 11th,  2017

Gallery Chromosome a, Lille 
Since april 2018